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Aims - desirable goals of the project

Basic skills (literacy, numeracy, science, technology, English as a second language) are the foundation for further learning and are a gateway to employment and social inclusion, according Europe 2020 - the EU's strategic growth strategy. A key factor for achieving smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth is to implement policies, programmes and projects aimed at raising attainment levels and improving attitudes, with a particular emphasis on low-achievers. A special focus is needed to the achievements of adult learners and to their need of adaptation to the dynamic needs of the labour market and social inclusion.

One of the main objectives of the project IGETADAPT is to respond to the needs of adult learners of short-term and effective method for acquiring knowledge and skills contributing to their professional realization regardless of the field of career.

The project IGETADAPT is based on transfer of the "Suggestopedia" educational system and its adaptation to the methodologies used in trainings and education on Basic skills for adults.

Suggestopedia is a combination of pedagogy and psychology. This is original system for efficient learning:

  • In a positive and spontaneous way
  • Without stress or fatigue
  • Through mental relaxation and concentration unstressed
  • With the help of art

The innovation within the project consists in the adaptation of the Suggestopetia system to the methodologies for Basic skills trainings. The Suggestopedia system is mostly used for foreign language education but in the last 5 years the methodology is applied experimentally and with high level of success in Bulgaria also for trainings and education on literacy and numeracy. With this project the system of Suggestopedia will serve as a basis for development of innovative methodology for Basic skills education of adults.

IGETADAPT project will have a direct impact on the local communities that benefit from the project but it will also have an indirect impact at national, and European level by developing and promoting an innovative effective system for Basic skills adult learning.

In fact, people don't mastering the basic skills can benefit from project's tools which will help them to access further education and labour market - the level of unemployment in these communities could decrease because of the increase in the level of skills.

Output 1 Common Methodological Framework

Under the first IO, experts and methodologists from each project partner will study and compare the Suggestopedia educational system to the applied in each country methodologies for Basic skills adult education. Additional to this, each partner will identify used good practices for conducting training courses, which will be a basis for comparative analysis, showing commons and differences in each study methodology and the suggestopedia.

The development of the first IO will include the following elements and stages:

  • Identification and analysis of target group's needs with regard to the low achievements in Basic skills adult education;
  • Analysis of national and international context of the methodology to be developed;
  • Study of the existing methodologies within partners' countries and identification of similarities and strengths;
  • Integration of the approaches with focus on Suggestopedia system principles and adaptation of the Suggestopedia methodology;
  • Elaboration of the Common Methodological Framework;
  • Validation of the Common Methodological Framework by project partners and dissemination among stakeholders.


Three of the project partners - Technical Training Center Larnaca CY, Medialys FR and SCF IT will develop their CURRICULA (learning framework and learning materials) according to their target groups. For the development of the tools partners will use as a basis the developed Common Methodological framework and will adapt the principles and the philosophy of the Suggestopedia System to the local contexts of participating countries and the needs and specifics of the target groups. The tools will include the development of pedagogical materials that will be adapted to the specific local context and the needs of local adult learners.

The Bulgarian partners will act as methodologists and will support the other partners by providing expertise for correct transfer of Suggestopedia's approach in the tools for basic skills adults’ education.

Each partner will develop its own Curricula. As a result of the Output 2, three different products will be adapted to the specific needs of the country where the tools will be applied.

Output 3 Final Report

Under output 3, Bulgarian partners will elaborate a syntheses report, which will include the following elements:

  • Good practices observed in the partner countries regarding the Basic skills adult education;
  • Conclusion and recommendations.
  • Main similarities and synergies between the Suggestopedia system and the approaches applied within project partner countries;

Additional, under the final output, the following materials will be produced in order to ensure sustainability and dissemination of projects results:

  • Elaboration of Guide for application of Common Methodological Framework - designed and printed in English;
  • Final conference in France;
  • Final press-conference and round-table with stakeholders, organized in Bulgaria.

Target groups

The identified project target groups are low-skilled adult people with basic training needs. The main objective of the trainings organized by the institutions is to provide a qualification for a specific basic training – e.g. foreign languages (English predominantly), IT courses, assistance courses, marketing and so on.


Suggestopedia system in Basic skills adult education” - Sofia, on 27th April 2017

First multiplier event E1 on the topic “Suggestopedia system in Basic skills adult education” will take place in Sofia, on 27th April 2017. During the event, following topics will be discussed: Presentation of project IGETADAPT – partners, objectives, activities, Intellectual output 1 - target group's needs, existing methodologies within partners' countries and Common Methodological Framework.

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This project has been funded with the support of
the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

The project IGETADAPT

The project IGETADAPT is based on transfer of the "Suggestopedia" educational system and its adaptation to the methodologies used in trainings and education on Basic skills for adults.

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